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The Ultimate Guide to Treating Melasma

At a women’s networking dinner the other night in midtown, I was introduced to a lively blonde restaurant publicist over white wine and a multi-course meal. Our conversation quickly turned to the usual things—work, children, and, of course, skincare. “What is this,” she asked me using her index finger to circle a cluster of pigmentation on her […]

This Tropical Wedding in Miami Came Together in a Whirlwind Few Weeks

Aidaly Sosa Walker and her now-husband Rob Walker first met in 2016 at an opening event for a G-Star store, where they were introduced by none other than Pharrell Williams. “Pharrell was instrumental in us being together at different stages of the relationship,” Aidaly, the head of marketing for the U.S. at Tony’s Chocolonely, says […]

15 Throwback Photos of the One and Only Pam Grier

While technical fabrication is important to the brand – such as the use of breathable premium materials – Selman wanted to ensure the futuristic elements are discreet. “Sometimes, when innovation and technology are used in activewear, it gets very techy – I wanted to keep it invisible and sexy, so you feel it, but without […]

Annie Proulx on Why “Fighting” Climate Change Is No Longer the Answer

At the dawn of the third millennium, the American novelist Annie Proulx was living in Wyoming and saw a perfect but terrible storm brewing. Extended droughts and warmer winters were providing the optimal conditions for the mountain pine beetle to thrive, and its ongoing infestation—as well as wildfires continuing to ravage the state’s old dense […]